Mixing Knobs & Pulls: Asidrama 10-Pack Cabinet Hardware Review

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Mixing Knobs & Pulls: Asidrama 10-Pack Cabinet Hardware Review

Welcome⁢ to our review ‍of the Asidrama 10 ‌Pack Knurled ​Grey ⁤and Champagne Bronze Kitchen⁢ Cabinet Knobs Dresser ⁢Knobs Drawer Knobs Single Hole Cabinet T Bar ‍Pull Handles for Kitchen Wardrobe Cupboard. We ‍recently ‍had the opportunity to try out this set of cabinet knobs​ and we are excited to share our thoughts with ​you. With a ‌sleek design and durable construction, these knobs are perfect for upgrading the hardware in your home. Keep reading ​to find out more about our experience with this product.

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Looking for a stylish and durable upgrade for your kitchen cabinets or ⁢wardrobe? Look no further than the⁣ Asidrama ⁢10 Pack Knurled Grey and Champagne Bronze Cabinet Knobs. Each handle is carefully packaged to prevent any damage during transportation and ⁣installation. ​With a sleek design ​and a measurement of 1.9″(50mm) overall length, these knobs are the perfect choice to add a‍ modern touch⁤ to your ⁣furniture.

The Asidrama ‍knobs are not only easy to‌ install ⁣but also‌ versatile in their ⁢application. Whether⁢ it’s cabinets, ​closets, cupboards, drawers,​ dressers, doors, or wardrobes, these knobs are perfect​ for any furniture upgrade project. Plus, with our 100-day guarantee, you⁣ can​ try‌ them out risk-free. So why wait? Upgrade your cabinet hardware now with Asidrama 10 Pack‌ Knurled Grey and Champagne Bronze Cabinet Knobs! Get yours today!

Stylish Design and Durability
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Let’s talk about the of these Asidrama cabinet knobs. The knurled grey and ‌champagne bronze finish ⁢adds a ⁢modern touch to any ⁤kitchen or⁤ wardrobe. ⁢The sleek⁣ T bar pull handles are ‌not only visually​ appealing but also ⁢extremely durable,​ ensuring ‌they will last‌ for years to come.

The Asidrama‍ knobs are not only stylish but also practical. Made‍ with⁣ high-quality materials,​ they are built to withstand daily use without ​losing their shine.⁢ Whether you’re upgrading your⁤ cabinets, closets, or ‍dressers, these knobs are​ a great choice for adding a⁣ touch of⁣ elegance⁣ to your home. Plus, with Asidrama’s ⁢100-day guarantee, you ​can be confident in the quality of your purchase. So why wait? Upgrade your cabinet hardware today!

Check out Asidrama 10 Pack Knurled Grey⁤ and Champagne Bronze Kitchen Cabinet Knobs hereEasy Installation and Versatility
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When it comes to , the Asidrama Cabinet Knobs truly ⁣shine. With individually packaged handles to ​prevent any damage during transportation, these knobs are a breeze to⁣ set up.⁣ The measurements ​provided make it easy to ensure they will fit perfectly‌ before purchasing, saving you time and hassle in the long run.⁤

The wide range of​ applications for‌ these knobs means​ you can use them throughout your home,⁢ from cabinets to drawers to wardrobes. With their robust construction ⁢and easy installation ⁢process, upgrading your cabinet‌ hardware has‌ never been simpler. Plus, with the Asidrama brand guarantee, you can try them ‍out with peace of mind, knowing that⁣ if⁢ there‌ are any issues,⁤ they ⁤will be quickly resolved. Don’t miss⁤ out on the opportunity to elevate your home decor with these stylish ⁢and⁣ functional cabinet knobs – ​check them out⁢ on Amazon today! Get ​yours now!Final Verdict
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After trying out the Asidrama 10 Pack Knurled Grey and Champagne Bronze Kitchen Cabinet Knobs, we are pleased⁢ to share our on this product.‍ The knobs are not only stylish and ⁢modern,‍ but also durable and easy to⁣ install. The‌ measurements provided were accurate,‌ and the individual⁤ packaging ensured that‌ each knob arrived in perfect condition, free from any scratches⁣ or damage.

We were impressed by ⁢the‌ wide range of ⁤applications these knobs offer – from cabinets to drawers, dressers‌ to wardrobes, they are versatile and can instantly upgrade the look ⁣of⁢ any⁤ room. In​ addition, the Asidrama brand ⁢guarantee‌ gives us peace of ⁢mind, knowing that we ​can try‍ out the knobs for 100 days and receive a full ‍refund if there are any quality‍ issues. Overall, we highly recommend these knobs for anyone looking to enhance their home decor with a simple yet ⁢impactful change.

Customer Reviews ‌Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing‌ the customer reviews for the ⁤Asidrama 10-Pack Knurled Grey⁣ and Champagne Bronze Kitchen Cabinet Knobs ⁤and Pulls, we have gathered some valuable ⁤insights to share with you.


  • Elegant and ‍well-made
  • Easy‌ to install
  • Matches well with Delta Champagne Bronze
  • Perfect for new construction‍ builds
  • Upgrade the look of kitchen cabinets
  • Great​ for⁤ laundry room cabinets
  • Sturdy and stylish
  • Great look against different ‍types of ‌wood


  • Some knobs arrived chipped
  • Gold finish​ scratches off easily
  • Some users received the ‌wrong color
  • Screws may not ‍fit properly and require⁣ modification
  • 9-inch pulls are described as rose ‌gold, which ⁣may ⁢not ⁢match other hardware

Overall ⁤Verdict:

The Asidrama 10-Pack Knurled Grey ‍and Champagne Bronze ‌Kitchen Cabinet ⁣Knobs⁣ and Pulls are a stylish and affordable option for upgrading your kitchen ⁢or laundry room cabinets. While⁤ they may ‍have some‍ minor issues‍ such⁢ as chipping and color discrepancies,⁢ the majority of users ⁤have found them to be⁤ elegant, easy to install, and a great addition to their ⁣home decor.

If you decide to purchase these ⁣cabinet knobs and pulls, be‌ sure to​ inspect them upon arrival and be mindful‍ of potential issues with screws and color accuracy.

Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


  • Stylish and modern design ‍with​ knurled ‍grey and champagne bronze finish
  • 10‍ pack ensures you have enough knobs and pulls for‍ all ⁣your cabinets⁣ and‌ drawers
  • Individually packaged to prevent damage during shipping
  • Easy to install and replace, making it perfect for DIY projects
  • Wide range of applications ‌for cabinets, closets,‌ cupboards,⁤ and more


  • Base diameter may be too ‌small for some cabinets and drawers, so make sure to measure ⁣carefully before purchasing
  • Champagne bronze​ finish may ⁤not match all ⁢kitchen styles
  • Knurled design may ⁤not be to everyone’s⁤ taste

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Q: Are these ⁢knobs and pulls easy to install?

A: Yes, the Asidrama knobs​ and pulls are very easy to install. They come with ​all the necessary hardware ⁤and instructions for a quick⁢ and hassle-free installation process.

Q:​ Can these knobs⁢ and ⁣pulls‌ be used for different types‌ of furniture?

A: Absolutely! The Asidrama ⁤knobs and pulls are versatile and can be used for cabinets,​ closets,⁢ cupboards, drawers, dressers, doors, and wardrobes. The possibilities are endless!

Q: ‍Are the ⁣knobs and pulls durable?

A: Yes, the Asidrama knobs and pulls are⁢ rigorously ‍machined and made to last. They are ⁤robust and built to withstand⁢ everyday wear and​ tear.

Q: Can ⁣I mix and match different finishes?

A: Of course! The Asidrama 10-pack comes with ⁤a mix of knurled grey and champagne bronze ‍finishes, allowing you to ⁤mix ⁣and​ match to create a unique and stylish look ⁣for your cabinets ‍and drawers.

Q: What if I have any ⁣issues with the‍ product?

A: No worries!⁤ Asidrama offers a 100-day ​guarantee on their products. If you⁢ encounter‌ any quality problems,⁣ they will replace the knobs and pulls or ⁤offer you ‌a ‌full refund. Your satisfaction is their top priority. Transform Your WorldIn ⁣conclusion,⁤ the Asidrama 10-Pack ⁣Knurled Grey and Champagne Bronze Kitchen⁢ Cabinet Knobs and ⁤T Bar Pull Handles‍ are a stylish and practical choice for upgrading your cabinet hardware. With their durability, ease of installation, and wide range of applications, they are sure to enhance the look of any room in your home.

If you’re looking to add a ‌touch of elegance to your cabinets, drawers, or wardrobes, look no further than⁤ Asidrama. Don’t wait any longer, ​give your home the upgrade it deserves with these knobs and pulls.

Ready to elevate your space? Click here to get your ⁣hands on the Asidrama 10-Pack Cabinet Hardware now!

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