Opulent Oasis: TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ Review

Opulent Oasis: TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ Review

Have⁣ you ever⁣ dreamed of ⁤turning your​ bathroom into a luxurious oasis of comfort and cleanliness? Well, we⁣ certainly have, and⁢ let us ‍tell you, the TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat is the key to achieving that dream. This elongated, cotton​ white toilet⁢ seat ‍goes above and beyond your standard toilet seat, offering ‌features ​such as ‌automatic open/close lid, nightlight illumination, and personalized water cleansing settings controlled by a convenient remote. With innovations ‌like⁣ PREMIST technology and EWATER+ cleaning,​ this bidet toilet seat provides ⁣peace of mind and a refreshing clean like never before. Join us as we dive into the⁤ details of this high-quality ‌design that has earned the trust of ‌60 million WASHLET users worldwide. Let’s experience everyday excellence together with the ⁢TOTO WASHLET+ Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat.

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The TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ Electronic Bidet⁣ Toilet Seat truly elevates the standard of living in any bathroom. With ‌features like automatic open/close ⁤lid, nightlight illumination, and instant warm water ⁣stream, this bidet seat offers a luxurious and hands-free experience. The innovative PREMIST technology helps maintain a​ clean bowl by misting it before⁤ each use,⁣ while the ⁣EWATER+ system ensures the wand stays hygienic.

What sets this bidet seat apart is the‍ level of customization it offers. With⁤ the convenient‍ remote‌ control, users ⁤can adjust water cleansing ⁣settings⁣ to their⁤ preferences ⁢and save them for‍ quick access. In addition, the oscillating and pulsating functions, along with ‍the AIR-IN WONDER​ WAVE technology, provide a gentle yet ⁣effective clean every time. Experience the⁤ excellence that over ‍60 million WASHLET users ⁣trust and depend on, ⁤with easy installation and compatibility with most ⁣standard toilets. Embrace a new level of ​hygiene and comfort in ‌your daily ⁢routine ‌with the TOTO ‍SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat.‌ Check it out⁣ on Amazon.

Luxurious⁣ Features​ and Comfort

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When ​it comes to , this electronic bidet toilet seat is in a class of ⁣its ​own. The ⁣automatic open/close lid adds a touch of convenience⁣ to ⁤your bathroom experience, ⁢while the gentle nightlight creates a soothing ambiance. With instant ​and​ continuous warm water ​stream, you can enjoy a refreshing cleanse for as long as you⁢ need.

Cleanliness is key, and this bidet toilet ​seat delivers with innovative‌ features ⁤like PREMIST and EWATER+. The remote control allows for personalized‌ water ⁤cleansing settings, ensuring luxury and cleanliness at your fingertips. Trusted by⁢ 60 million WASHLET users,‌ this high-quality ‌design offers long-lasting benefits and easy DIY installation. Don’t miss out⁢ on experiencing everyday excellence with this exceptional product⁤ – ⁢ get yours today!

Detailed Insights and Performance

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When it comes to , the ‍TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat truly stands out. The automatic open/close lid provides a hands-free experience, while the nightlight gently illuminates the room for added ⁢convenience. The ‌instant and continuous‍ warm⁤ water stream ensures a⁣ comfortable ⁢and⁣ luxurious cleansing experience every time.

One ⁤of the standout features is the PREMIST technology, which helps ⁢prevent waste from adhering by misting the‌ toilet bowl ⁣before each ​use. The EWATER+ system cleans the wand and toilet bowl before and after each use, offering peace of mind and cleanliness. ⁤The customizable settings available ‍through the convenient remote allow for a personalized experience, making⁤ this bidet toilet seat a true ‌game-changer ⁤in the world of bathroom fixtures. If you’re looking to elevate ‍your ‌standard of living and embrace a unique, refreshing ⁣clean, this TOTO Washlet+ Electronic ‌Bidet Toilet Seat is the perfect choice for you. Experience the everyday​ excellence ​that 60 million satisfied users can⁤ attest to by trying out this trusted and ‌dependable product today.


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In our experience, the TOTO WASHLET+ Electronic Bidet Toilet⁢ Seat truly sets a new standard of luxury ​and convenience in the realm‌ of bathroom fixtures. The automatic open/close lid feature not only⁢ provides a hands-free experience, but also ‌adds a ‌touch of modernity to any ⁤washroom. The nightlight function is a subtle ⁤yet practical addition that can provide a sense of comfort during those late-night ⁣bathroom ⁣trips. The‍ continuous warm water stream ensures a thorough and ​comfortable cleanse every time.

One ‌of the standout features of this bidet toilet seat is the personalized water ​cleansing settings that can⁢ be controlled with the remote. This level ⁤of customization truly allows users to tailor their bathroom ‍experience to their preferences. With the peace of mind offered by the PREMIST​ and EWATER+ technologies, users ‌can rest assured that their toilet is being cleaned ‌thoroughly before ⁢and ⁤after each use. For those looking to elevate⁢ their daily routine with a touch of elegance and functionality, this TOTO Washlet+ is a⁢ fantastic choice. Don’t ‌miss out on experiencing the everyday ​excellence that this bidet toilet seat has ‍to offer ‍– check it out now on Amazon!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+,⁢ it’s clear that this luxury bidet toilet seat⁤ has left a lasting impression⁤ on‍ its⁤ users. Below are some key takeaways from the reviews:

Positive Reviews ⁤Overview

Reviewer Feedback
User 1 This bidet seat is like a ​throne upgrade for your tushy, transforming mundane bathroom visits into royal experiences.
User 2 The warm breeze for drying and quick pulsating wash ⁣are likened to having a personal butt⁣ butler devoted to keeping your derriere ‌in top condition.
User 3 The ​TOTO WASHLET+ is ⁢praised for being easy to install, ‍high-quality,⁢ and ⁢a game-changer for‍ those new to​ bidets.

Negative‍ Reviews Overview

Reviewer Feedback
User ⁤4 One user ⁢found that the S7 series ​bidet was not as effective at ⁢cleaning compared⁤ to other models, describing​ it as a downgrade.
User 5 While the bidet was praised for its features, the automatic lid closing was mentioned as an ⁢annoyance, especially when paired with an auto-flush ‍unit.

Overall, the ⁤majority of customers were highly⁣ satisfied with ⁣the TOTO WASHLET+⁣ bidet toilet seat. ​Users ⁣praised its ​ease of ⁣installation, luxurious features, and​ superior cleaning capabilities. However, some users did experience ⁣issues with the⁢ functionality of ⁢certain features, highlighting the need for ⁤careful consideration before‍ making a purchase.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons: ​TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+


1. Automatic open/close lid
2. Nightlight for‍ convenience
3. Continuous ⁢warm⁢ water stream
4. PREMIST feature prevents waste from adhering
5. EWATER+ cleans wand and toilet bowl
6. Remote control for personalized settings
7. Trusted brand⁤ with high-quality ‍design
8. Easy installation and fits most standard toilets
9. Oscillating and pulsating functions for thorough clean


1. Higher ‌price point compared ⁢to basic bidet seats
2. Requires access to electrical outlet
3. ‌Users may need time to adjust to electronic controls
4. Additional maintenance required for electronic features

Overall, the TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat offers a luxurious and innovative bathroom experience with features that ⁣provide ‍convenience⁣ and cleanliness. While it⁢ may‌ come with a ‍higher price tag and require some adjustments, ‌the quality and functionality of this product make‍ it ⁣a ​worthwhile investment for those looking⁤ to upgrade their bathroom routine.


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Q: Is the TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ easy to install?
A: Yes, the TOTO WASHLET+​ is designed for easy‍ DIY installation and fits most standard toilets,‌ including TOTO WASHLET+ ⁣toilets with concealed connection.

Q:⁤ How does ​the⁣ TOTO‌ SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ provide a hands-free⁣ experience?
A: The TOTO WASHLET+ features an automatic open/close lid that senses when users approach and depart, as well as a ​convenient​ remote for personalized water⁢ cleansing settings.

Q: ​Is the TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ easy to clean?
A: The TOTO WASHLET+ includes innovative features like PREMIST to prevent waste ​from adhering, EWATER+ for cleaning ⁢the wand and toilet bowl, and‍ an AIR-IN WONDER‌ WAVE⁤ for a gentle yet effective clean.

Q: Can the TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ be customized for multiple users?
A: Yes, the ‌TOTO ‍WASHLET+ has 2 user memory‍ settings ⁤for quick access to personalized​ water ​cleansing settings.

Q: ​Is the TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ compatible with other TOTO products?
A: Yes, the TOTO WASHLET+ is‌ TOTO auto flush compatible⁢ with a separately sold kit⁤ for added convenience.

Remember, the TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ is‍ designed to provide a luxurious and clean experience for all users. ⁢Invest in⁢ your comfort and cleanliness with this ‌opulent oasis for your bathroom!

Unleash Your True Potential

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As we wrap up our ​opulent oasis adventure with the TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ Electronic Bidet⁢ Toilet Seat, we can confidently say that this product truly redefines luxury⁤ and cleanliness in the bathroom. With its innovative features and user-friendly design, it’s no wonder why 60 million WASHLET users trust TOTO for their daily‍ cleansing needs.

If ‍you’re ready to elevate your standard of living and experience everyday excellence, we highly recommend stepping into⁤ the world of TOTO⁣ WASHLET+. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embrace your uniqueness and⁢ enjoy a refreshing clean every time you use the restroom. Trust us, you won’t ⁣be disappointed!

Ready to make the upgrade? ⁣Click ⁣here to purchase your own⁣ TOTO SW4736AT40#01 WASHLET+ Electronic⁢ Bidet Toilet Seat ​and transform your bathroom‌ into a lavish oasis: Get Your TOTO WASHLET+‌ Now!

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