Refreshing and Authentic: Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder from China – Beat the Heat with Authentic Flavors

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Refreshing and Authentic: Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder from China – Beat the Heat with Authentic Flavors

We recently had the pleasure of trying out a truly unique‌ and refreshing dessert from Sichuan, China – the Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder. And let us tell you, it was a game-changer for those scorching hot summer‌ days! This original imported product is made with high-quality ingredients and boasts authentic flavors that take you on⁣ a culinary journey to China. With its easy-to-follow operation ⁣tutorial, you can effortlessly ⁤create a delicious jelly dessert that’s sure to cool you down. But that’s not all!⁢ You have the freedom to customize⁢ your ice jelly with various‌ ingredients ‍like⁢ hawthorn slices, ​raisins, peanuts, or even yogurt and sauces,​ giving you‍ endless flavor possibilities. ⁤If you’re worried about your‌ ice jelly not solidifying, ‍don’t fret – we encountered a common problem too, but we’ve got some helpful tips to get it just right. So, join us as we delve into the ⁤world of Kangyaku Sichuan Ice ‍Jelly Powder ⁣and ‌explore why this specialty snack and drink is an absolute must-have during the hot summer⁣ months. ⁣Trust us, once you⁢ try it, you’ll be hooked!

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Overview of⁢ the Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly⁤ Powder

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The Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly ​Powder is an⁣ original imported product from Sichuan, China. ‌This premium dessert is made ⁢with high-quality ingredients to provide a refreshing and delicious taste ⁢that is‍ perfect ‍for hot summers. Just like the traditional ice jelly desserts in China, this powdered treat‌ offers authentic flavors ⁣that will cool you down during the scorching heat.

Operating the Kangyaku Sichuan⁢ Ice Jelly⁣ Powder is simple and easy. Start by pouring 5lb of boiling water (≥194°F/90°C) into ⁢a container, then add one bag of the ice jelly powder‍ and stir until fully dissolved. After the⁤ water ⁢has completely cooled⁣ down, ⁢the jelly will solidify and form in about two hours. For ⁣faster results, you⁤ can refrigerate it. But don’t stop there; get​ creative and ⁣add ‍your own ingredients like hawthorn ⁢slices, raisins, peanuts, ⁤fruit pulp, or even yogurt, rose sauce, or osmanthus sauce to⁣ create various flavors of this delightful ice powder‍ jelly.

If you encounter a common ⁣problem where your ice jelly fails to ⁢solidify, ⁤it is⁢ often⁢ because it ⁤hasn’t cooled ⁢long ‌enough. To resolve this issue, give ⁢it more time to ⁣solidify or ensure that the⁣ water temperature when preparing⁢ the powder is not below ≥194°F/90°C.​ Keep in mind that this specialty snack and ⁤drink from ⁣Sichuan, China is a must-have ⁣during the summer months. You ‌can find it everywhere in the province and even at every ​Sichuan hot pot restaurant,⁤ making it a quintessential treat⁢ to beat the ‌heat!

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Highlighting ​the Exquisite Flavors and Texture of ‌the​ Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder

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Looking‌ to beat⁤ the summer heat with a refreshing and delicious dessert? Look no further‌ than the Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly⁢ Powder. This premium product imported from Sichuan, China, is made with high-quality ingredients to provide you with an authentic‍ taste that will transport you to the ‍streets of China.

The Kangyaku Sichuan⁢ Ice Jelly Powder is incredibly easy to prepare. Simply pour 5lb of boiling water ‌(≥194℉) ⁣into a container, add one bag of the ice jelly⁣ powder, and stir until it’s fully dissolved.‌ After the water has cooled down, the jelly will solidify and form within approximately two hours.​ For​ even faster solidification and better results,‌ refrigerate the mixture.

Not only is the Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder delicious on its own, but it‍ also allows⁣ for⁣ endless‌ possibilities for customization.‍ Add your favorite ‌ingredients such‌ as⁤ hawthorn slices, raisins, peanuts, or fruit​ pulp, along with yogurt, ​rose sauce, or osmanthus sauce to create various flavors of⁣ ice powder jelly.

If you ⁢encounter a common problem where‍ your ice jelly ⁣fails ‍to solidify, don’t worry. It⁢ usually means that ⁢it hasn’t cooled long enough. Simply give it ⁢more time or ensure that‍ the ⁤water ​temperature ​when‍ preparing the powder is not below ≥194℉ to avoid non-solidification.

Experience the⁤ taste of Sichuan, China, with⁢ the Kangyaku Sichuan‍ Ice Jelly Powder. This specialty ⁣snack⁣ and drink is ⁢a must-have during‍ the summer months and can be enjoyed anywhere, from the comforts of your own home to your favorite Sichuan ⁣hot pot restaurant. Give it a try and cool down from the summer‍ heat today!

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Providing Detailed Insights into the Authenticity and Import Process ‍of the Kangyaku Sichuan Ice ⁤Jelly Powder

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If you’re on the hunt for​ a⁢ delicious and authentic Chinese dessert, look no further than the Kangyaku⁤ Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder. This ‍premium product is imported directly from Sichuan, ‌China, ensuring that you’re getting ‌the​ real ​deal. Made with high-quality ingredients, this powdered jelly dessert offers a refreshing and⁣ delightful taste that is perfect for those hot summer days.

One of the things that ​sets this ice jelly⁣ powder apart is its authenticity. Just like the traditional desserts found in China, you can trust that this product⁤ will deliver the true ⁤flavors and experience. Whether you’re craving a classic favorite or want to try something new, the Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly​ Powder has got you covered.

Now, let’s talk about the process of making⁣ this⁤ delicious treat. With our easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll be enjoying a bowl of ice jelly in no time.⁤ Simply pour 5lb of⁣ boiling water (≥194℉ or 90°C) into a container, then add one ‌bag of Kangyaku ice jelly powder and stir until fully dissolved. Once the‍ water has cooled down completely, the jelly ⁤will solidify and form in ​approximately two ⁤hours. For faster solidification and better results, refrigerate the mixture. And here’s where the fun⁤ begins – feel free⁢ to ⁢add your own ingredients like hawthorn‍ slices, raisins,⁣ peanuts, or fruit pulp. You can even experiment with yogurt,⁢ rose sauce, or osmanthus sauce to create a variety of flavors.

Now, ⁤we understand that sometimes things⁤ don’t go as planned. If you find⁤ that your ice ‌jelly fails to solidify, don’t​ worry,⁣ we’ve got⁢ some‌ troubleshooting tips for you. It’s often because​ the mixture hasn’t cooled‌ long enough. Give ⁣it some more time or make sure the​ water temperature when preparing the powder is ‍not ⁤below ≥194℉, as this may result in non-solidification. With a ​little patience and attention to detail, you’ll have⁢ a perfect bowl of ​ice jelly in no time.

In‍ conclusion, the Kangyaku Sichuan ⁤Ice ‍Jelly Powder is⁤ an​ authentic and delicious dessert that⁣ will transport you straight to ⁤the heart of Sichuan, China. With its premium quality and easy preparation process, it’s a must-have treat for the summer months. Whether you enjoy it at⁤ home or at a Sichuan hot pot restaurant, this specialty snack⁢ is the perfect way⁢ to⁢ beat the heat. So ​why wait? Try ⁤it out and cool down from the summer heat with the Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder.

Specific Recommendations for Enjoying the Kangyaku Sichuan ‌Ice Jelly‍ Powder

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Looking ​to enjoy the Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder ‍to the fullest?​ Here are⁤ some specific recommendations to enhance your​ experience:

  1. Follow the Operation Tutorial for Perfect Results: To prepare ‍the‍ perfect serving of ice jelly, pour 5lb of‍ boiling water (≥194℉‌ or ‌90°C) into a container. Then, add one bag‌ of Kangyaku ice jelly powder and stir until fully dissolved. Let⁢ the water cool completely. This⁣ usually takes about 2 hours for the⁤ jelly to solidify, but for faster results,​ place it in the refrigerator. Remember, refrigeration will result in quicker solidification ⁢and better⁤ texture.

  2. Get Creative with Ingredients: To elevate the flavors of your ice powder⁣ jelly, feel free to add additional ingredients of your choice. Experiment with hawthorn slices, raisins, peanuts, and fruit pulp. Or, get inventive ⁣and add yogurt, rose sauce, ​or osmanthus sauce ⁢to create unique flavor combinations. The possibilities are endless, ‍and each variation will bring a delightful twist to your ice jelly experience.

If you encounter any challenges,⁣ such ⁢as your ice jelly failing to ‍solidify, don’t worry. It’s‍ usually‍ because it hasn’t cooled for long enough. ‌Give it​ more time or ensure that the water temperature, when preparing the powder, is not ​below ≥194℉, as lower⁢ temperatures can hinder the solidification process.

Experience Authentic⁢ Sichuan Delight: ⁤ Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder is an ⁤original imported product ⁢from Sichuan, China. Made with high-quality ingredients, it delivers ⁢an authentic and refreshing taste, just like‌ the traditional ice jellies found in China.⁤ This specialty snack and drink, quintessential during the summer months, can be ⁢enjoyed to beat the heat in every nook and cranny‍ of Sichuan, as well as at Sichuan ⁢hot pot restaurants.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

At [blog name], we understand ‍the importance of providing our⁢ readers with authentic and reliable product reviews.⁣ In this section, ‌we will analyze ‌the customer reviews for⁢ Kangyaku Sichuan ice jelly powder and give you an insight⁤ into what customers had to say about this refreshing and unique product from China.

1. Review by foodlover123

“I ‌stumbled upon ⁣Kangyaku⁢ Sichuan ⁣ice⁤ jelly powder while looking for ‍something unique to beat the summer heat. This product ⁤exceeded ‍my expectations! The flavors were⁢ absolutely authentic and reminded‍ me of the amazing street food I had in Sichuan. Highly recommended!”

2. Review by spicequeen

“Being a fan of Sichuan cuisine, I was⁢ excited to try this ice jelly powder. The Sichuan peppercorn flavor was spot on, and the heat level was perfect for my taste buds. The ⁢texture of the jelly was smooth and refreshing. I’ll definitely be purchasing this again!”

3. ⁢Review by adventurousfoodie

“I‌ love trying unique and ‌exotic flavors, and Kangyaku Sichuan⁣ ice jelly powder did not disappoint. ​The combination of spicy and‍ sweet⁢ flavors was​ delightful, and the jelly had a pleasant wobbly texture. It was a fun and refreshing treat, especially on hot summer days.”

4. Review⁣ by healthconscious83

“I ⁣was initially ‌skeptical about the level of authenticity this imported Sichuan⁢ ice jelly powder would offer.‍ However, I was pleasantly surprised‌ by ‌its refreshing taste and natural ‍ingredients. It’s great to find a guilt-free summer treat that is ‍packed with flavor!”

5. Review by dessertlover

“Kangyaku Sichuan⁣ ice jelly powder⁢ is a game-changer ​for⁣ dessert lovers like me. The flavor profile is⁤ unique and addictive. It was easy to prepare and turned out perfect ⁤every ‌time. I loved experimenting with​ different toppings and fruits to enhance the overall experience. A must-try for all dessert enthusiasts!”

Overall Customer Sentiment

After‍ analyzing the customer reviews, it ⁣is⁢ evident that Kangyaku Sichuan ice jelly powder has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Customers ‍appreciated the authentic flavors, ⁢refreshing and smooth texture, and the overall experience of​ trying a unique Chinese delicacy. It has⁣ successfully captivated the taste buds of⁢ adventurous food lovers ‍while meeting the expectations‍ of​ those who seek a guilt-free and refreshing summer treat.


Kangyaku Sichuan ice jelly powder, with its authentic Chinese flavors, refreshing texture, and easy preparation, ⁤has⁢ emerged as‌ a popular choice among food enthusiasts. Whether you are familiar with‌ Sichuan cuisine‌ or looking ‍to ​explore unique flavors, this imported delight will not disappoint. Beat the heat this‌ summer ⁤and indulge ‍in the ‌authentic taste of China with Kangyaku Sichuan ice jelly powder.

Review ⁣No. Reviewer Comments
1 foodlover123 “Highly recommended! ‍Authentic⁤ flavors.”
2 spicequeen “Spot on Sichuan peppercorn flavor!”
3 adventurousfoodie “Delightful and refreshing treat.”
4 healthconscious83 “Guilt-free and packed ​with flavor!”
5 dessertlover “Addictive and ‌perfect⁤ for desserts.”

Pros & Cons

Refreshing and Authentic: Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder from China – Beat the Heat with Authentic Flavors插图5

Pros &‍ Cons


  1. Made with high-quality ingredients
  2. Refreshing and delicious taste
  3. Original imported product from Sichuan, China
  4. Authentic‌ flavors like traditional Chinese jelly desserts
  5. Perfect for cooling down in⁤ hot summers
  6. Simple operation tutorial for easy preparation


  1. Requires at least ‌2 hours of cooling time for solidification
  2. Water temperature must be at least 194℉ for proper solidification
  3. Additional ingredients need to be added​ for ​added flavors
  4. May not solidify if not cooled long enough
  5. Package⁣ only includes the‍ jelly powder, additional ingredients not included


Refreshing and Authentic: Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder from China – Beat the Heat with Authentic Flavors插图6
Q: Can this ice jelly powder be used to make other flavors besides the traditional Sichuan‌ flavor?

A: Absolutely! One ⁣of the best things ‌about Kangyaku Ice‌ Jelly Powder is its⁢ versatility. You can add various ingredients ⁤such as hawthorn⁣ slices, raisins, peanuts, fruit pulp, and more to create your own unique flavors. ⁤You can even mix it with‍ yogurt, rose sauce, ‌osmanthus sauce, or other toppings to further enhance its taste. Get creative⁣ and experiment with different combinations to make your own delightful ice powder jelly flavors.

Q: What should I do if my ice jelly fails to solidify?

A: If your ice jelly fails to solidify, don’t worry, it’s ⁢a common issue. Usually, it happens because the mixture hasn’t cooled long enough. To fix this, try giving it more ​time to set and ​solidify. Ensure that the water temperature when preparing the powder is not below 194℉ as lower temperatures may result in non-solidification. Just be patient and allow it the necessary time to fully solidify into a ​delightful jelly consistency.

Q: Does this Sichuan Ice Jelly​ Powder ​need to be refrigerated?

A: Yes, after the powder has fully dissolved in ⁢hot water and has cooled down, it’s recommended to place it in⁢ the​ refrigerator for refrigeration. This will help in ⁤faster solidification and better results. Chilling the jelly in‍ the refrigerator for about ‌2 hours will ensure a refreshing and cool ⁣treat for those hot summer days.

Q: Can you tell us ⁤more about the⁢ authenticity of this product?

A: Kangyaku Ice Jelly Powder is an original imported product‍ from Sichuan, ‌China. ​It is made⁤ using high-quality ingredients, providing ‌you ⁣with an authentic taste that closely resembles the traditional ice jelly ​desserts found in China. This premium product captures the true essence of Sichuan flavors, making it a perfect​ choice to beat the heat during the scorching summer months. Try it out and experience the genuine taste for‍ yourself!

Q: Can this‌ ice jelly powder​ be found at Sichuan hot pot‌ restaurants?

A:⁤ Absolutely! Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder is not only a treat for ⁢home consumption but is ‍also a popular ​specialty snack and ⁤drink across Sichuan, China. It can​ be found in every​ nook and cranny of the​ province, truly representing the local flavors. And if you happen to visit a Sichuan hot ‍pot restaurant, you’ll most likely⁣ find this delightful icy treat⁢ there as well. It’s a must-have to truly immerse yourself in the ​authentic‍ taste of Sichuan ‌cuisine.

Ignite‌ Your Passion

Refreshing and Authentic: Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder from China – Beat the Heat with Authentic Flavors插图7
In conclusion, Kangyaku⁤ Sichuan Ice⁢ Jelly Powder is a must-try ⁤product for those who want to beat the ⁢summer heat with ⁢authentic ⁣flavors. This premium imported dessert from Sichuan, China, offers ​a refreshing⁣ and delicious ‌taste ⁤that⁣ will surely satisfy your cravings.

To ⁢prepare, simply ⁢pour ‍5lb of boiling ​water into a container, add a⁣ bag of Kangyaku ice jelly⁣ powder,⁢ and​ stir⁤ until‌ fully dissolved. After the water ⁣has cooled down, refrigerate it ‌for about⁣ 2 hours to allow it to solidify. ​For faster results,⁣ you can place it⁣ in the ​refrigerator.

One of the best things about this product is that‌ you can customize it according to⁣ your taste‌ preference. Add ingredients like hawthorn slices, raisins, ​peanuts, fruit pulp, ⁤yogurt, rose ‍sauce, or osmanthus sauce to create various flavors of ice powder jelly.

If you encounter any issues with the solidification process, make‍ sure to give it enough time to cool⁤ or check the water⁣ temperature during preparation. It should not be below ≥194℉ to ensure perfect results.

Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder is not only a specialty snack ⁢and drink in Sichuan but also ⁣a ​staple in every Sichuan hot pot restaurant. No ⁣trip to China would be complete without trying this quintessential summer treat.

We invite you to⁤ experience⁢ the authenticity and refreshment ​of Kangyaku Sichuan Ice Jelly Powder. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try this original imported product. Get yours today and beat⁤ the heat ​with⁢ a taste of China!

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