Revamp Your Kitchen with Trendy Mixed Hardware!

Revamp Your Kitchen with Trendy Mixed Hardware!

Are you looking ⁤to add a touch of vintage charm to your kitchen cabinets ‌or drawers? Look no further than the​ 6 Pack Rustic⁣ Black Cabinet‌ Pulls! With their⁤ antique black hammered design, ‌these cabinet⁤ pulls are the perfect choice for ⁢adding a ⁤rustic feel to any ‍space. The 3 inch (76mm) hole center makes them easy to install,‌ while the high-quality zinc alloy‍ construction ensures durability and resistance to corrosion. Plus,⁣ with a risk-free 100-day‌ trial, you ⁢can try ​them out without any worries. Transform your home with these vintage pulls today!

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The ⁤6 Pack Rustic‍ Black Cabinet Pulls⁣ offer a vintage touch to any kitchen ​or furniture piece. Made ⁣of high-quality ‌zinc alloy, these pulls are durable and corrosion-resistant, ensuring they will last⁤ for years ⁣to come. The hammered design adds character to the pulls, ⁣making ⁤them stand out in any room. Each set comes with⁣ screws for easy installation on cabinet ‌doors of varying thickness. The⁢ wide application ⁢range makes these ​pulls versatile⁣ for cabinets, drawers, ​dressers, doors, and closets.

With a hole ‍center distance of 3 inches ‌and a length of ‍4.2 inches, these cabinet pulls are the perfect size for most furniture pieces. The risk-free 100-day trial allows you to​ try them out and see if they meet your satisfaction. If not, you can ​return them ‌for a replacement or full refund. Add a touch of antique charm to your home⁢ with the 6 Pack Rustic ⁢Black Cabinet Pulls.⁤ Grab ​yours today and transform your space! Shop nowUnique Design​ and Antique Finish
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The of these cabinet pulls truly set them apart from the rest. The hammered texture adds a touch of⁤ vintage charm to any ‌furniture piece, making it a​ standout feature​ in ‍any room.‍ The black finish gives a rustic‍ feel, perfect for those looking to​ add character ‍to their​ home‌ decor.

These pulls are not only stylish, but⁤ also durable and‍ high-quality. Made of zinc alloy, ⁢they are built to ‍last and are ⁢resistant to⁤ corrosion. The 3-inch hole center makes them versatile and easy ​to install on various furniture pieces. Elevate the look of your ⁣cabinets, drawers, dressers, and more with these‌ vintage pulls. Don’t miss out ‍on the opportunity to transform your space with ‍these unique‌ hardware pieces. Visit our link to​ get your own set today!High Quality Material and⁢ Durability
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The rustic black‍ cabinet pulls we purchased are made ⁣of high-quality ⁢zinc alloy, ensuring‍ durability and longevity. The material is resistant to corrosion and maintains its ⁣color and ​finish ‍even after prolonged ​use. This is essential for us, as we want our cabinet hardware to remain looking stylish and functional for years ⁣to‌ come. The hammered design adds ⁤a vintage ⁤touch to our ⁤drawers, elevating ⁣the overall aesthetic of our⁢ kitchen.

We were impressed by the durability of these antique black cabinet pulls. The construction ​is solid and sturdy, providing ‌a strong grip⁢ when​ opening and‍ closing drawers. ⁤Installation was a breeze, thanks to the included screws that fit perfectly for⁣ our cabinet⁣ doors. The 3-inch hole center distance worked well for our ⁢drawers, creating a ​cohesive ⁢look⁢ throughout our ‌kitchen. Overall, ⁣we are extremely satisfied with the quality of these ‌cabinet pulls, ‌and we ⁣highly recommend‌ them⁣ for anyone looking to upgrade‌ their cabinet hardware. If ‌you’re interested in adding a touch of vintage charm to⁢ your space, check them out on Amazon:⁣ here.Recommendation for Vintage Style Cabinets
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Looking to add a touch of vintage charm to your ⁣cabinets?⁣ Look ‍no ‍further than these rustic black cabinet pulls! The hammered design and antique ​finish give them ⁣a⁣ unique vintage look that ​will instantly elevate the style of‌ your⁤ kitchen‍ or any other cabinets⁣ in your home. With a‍ center to center⁣ measurement of 3 inches ‍(76mm), these cabinet pulls ​will fit most‍ standard cabinets, making ‌them a versatile choice for any room.

Crafted from high-quality zinc alloy, these vintage pulls are built⁤ to⁣ last. The material is resistant to fading and corrosion, ensuring that these cabinet pulls will maintain their stylish appearance for ⁤years to come. Each pull comes with a set of 1 inch and ⁢1.5 inch screws,‍ making⁢ installation ‍a breeze. Plus, with a risk-free 100-day ⁤trial, ‌you ⁤can rest easy knowing that if these ​pulls don’t meet your expectations,⁢ you can return them for a full refund or replacement. Enhance the look of your ‌cabinets with these vintage-style cabinet pulls‌ today!⁢ Check them out here!. Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

Let’s take a​ look at what some​ of our ​customers had to​ say about the 6 Pack Rustic Black Cabinet Pulls:

Happy with product. Nice addition to my garage cabinets

If you are wanting‍ to​ update your cabinets⁢ with the ​new gold ‌trend but don’t want ‍to commit to ⁣a super shiny version, then this is a ‌great solution. The hammered brass still has the gold but is‌ tempered with the black ​within ⁤the hammered dents⁢ I ⁣love this look as I have all⁤ black ⁤hardware and faucets⁣ in the rest of the room.

Some issues with the⁢ quantity received

We ordered⁤ four boxes of 10 each ​of the Antique Bronze handles. We‌ like the‌ choice ‍and are happy with ⁢the product, BUT…. We received 3 brown‍ boxes​ and ⁢one‍ smaller ‌white box which should have had 10​ pulls⁤ per box. ⁢I dumped all the boxes​ and started replacing pulls on the cuboids and drawers. I instead of having 4 ⁣extra I was⁤ 3 short. I had to order another box of 10 to ⁤meet my needs. I would have given​ 5 stars for ⁢the product but 3 stars is all I could⁤ muster⁤ because of the shortage.

Great economic choice for ‌kitchen‍ cabinets

I bought them for my kitchen cabinets wanted bronze and these⁢ were the ⁢most economic choice.⁢ Love⁢ them!

Highly recommended for barn doors

Very well⁤ made rustic door handles/ ⁢pulls. 2 pack hammered black⁤ handles are 5 inches long. Plan on ‍using them on ‌my ‌barn doors.

Fantastic look and quality

Flat out,⁣ these handles ​are sharp! They look great in the photos and‍ look ‍even better in person. Fantastic ​look! I’ll be replacing my ⁤older​ and rough looking ​copper hinges with these. We love them!

Pros & Cons

Pros & ⁣Cons


  • Wide application range: These​ cabinet pulls are ideal⁢ for cabinets, ‍closets, drawers, dressers, doors, and more, allowing you to revamp your entire home.
  • Quality‌ assurance: Made of high-quality zinc⁤ alloy, these pulls are resistant to‍ fading ​and corrosion, ensuring‌ long-lasting durability.
  • Risk-free 100 days trial: We offer a 100-day trial period, allowing you to return the product for replacement or a full refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • Some‌ customers may find the ⁤price slightly higher ⁤compared⁣ to other similar products on the market.
  • Installation may require some‌ additional tools ‌and expertise for a seamless process.

Q&AQ: Can⁤ these⁣ cabinet pulls be ​used in ‌bathrooms as well?

A: Yes, ⁢these cabinet ‌pulls can be used in⁢ bathrooms‌ as well. They⁢ are versatile and can be used in cabinets, closets, doors, ⁢and more.

Q: How do I know if ​these cabinet pulls will fit my ‍cabinets?

A: The center to center ⁢measurement is 3 inches ⁢(76mm),‍ so make sure to ⁣measure the hole center ⁣distance on your cabinets before purchasing.

Q: Are ⁢these cabinet ​pulls easy to install?

A: Yes, these cabinet pulls come with a set of 1″‍ and 1.5″ screws ⁤for​ cabinet doors ⁣of different thicknesses, making installation easy and convenient.

Q: Do ‍these cabinet⁤ pulls come⁤ with ​a warranty?

A: Yes, we offer a risk-free 100-day trial for these cabinet pulls. If they do ‌not meet your‍ satisfaction, you can ‌return them for a replacement or full ⁣refund.

Q: Are these cabinet pulls durable?

A: Yes,⁤ these‌ cabinet pulls are made of high-quality zinc alloy, which is not easy to fade⁣ and has strong corrosion resistance, ensuring durability for ⁢long-term use. Seize the OpportunityAs ⁣we ‌wrap ‍up our​ review of the ​”6⁤ Pack ​Rustic Black Cabinet Pulls”, we hope you’re inspired to revamp your ‍kitchen ​with this trendy mixed hardware. With its⁤ high-quality zinc alloy material,⁤ wide ⁤application range, and risk-free 100-day trial, these antique⁢ black cabinet pulls are sure to add a vintage ​touch to your drawers‍ and cabinets.

So why ​wait? Transform your home with these stylish pulls today! Click here to purchase the “6⁣ Pack Rustic Black Cabinet‌ Pulls” ⁤on Amazon and ⁤bring a touch of⁢ vintage flair to your kitchen: Buy Now.

Thank you for joining us on this review⁢ journey. Happy decorating!

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