Powerful Performance: KitchenAid® 8-Qt Mixer

Powerful Performance: KitchenAid® 8-Qt Mixer

Step into the heart of our kitchen, where every whir, every beat, and every stir resonates with the promise of culinary excellence. Today, we’re thrilled to share our⁤ firsthand encounter with the KitchenAid KSM8990CU 8-Quart Commercial ‌Countertop Mixer, a marvel of culinary⁤ engineering that elevates the art of‌ mixing to new ‌heights.
With its sleek Contour Silver exterior, ‌this ⁣mixer is more than ⁤just a countertop ⁢appliance; ​it’s⁤ a testament to⁢ precision craftsmanship and unwavering performance. As we delve into ⁣its capabilities, we’re immediately struck by its NSF certification, signifying its suitability for commercial ⁤use. Whether we’re whipping up a delicate​ meringue or kneading a robust bread dough, this mixer stands ready to tackle any ⁤culinary challenge with ease.
At the heart of this powerhouse lies a 1.3 HP motor, meticulously engineered ​to deliver consistent power to‍ both small ‌and large batches. Thanks to its gear-driven design, heat build-up is minimized, ensuring ‍years of reliable service. ‍Paired with an advanced motor control⁤ board, this motor is not just ⁣powerful; it’s the epitome⁤ of​ efficiency, providing the perfect blend of torque and longevity.
The bowl-lift mechanism adds a touch of practicality to its sophisticated design, providing ‌stability during even the most demanding mixing tasks. And speaking of​ the‌ bowl, the generous 8-quart stainless steel vessel offers ample space for everything from intricate pastry creams to voluminous bread doughs.
But it’s not just about​ power and capacity; safety features like speed control protection give us peace of mind, ensuring that‌ our culinary endeavors⁤ proceed smoothly without any unexpected ​mishaps.
In our ​kitchen,⁣ where every ingredient tells ​a‍ story⁢ and every ‌dish is crafted with⁢ care, the KitchenAid KSM8990CU mixer has earned its place as ‌an indispensable ally. Join us as we delve deeper ⁤into its capabilities, uncovering the nuances that make it a must-have‌ for any serious home cook or professional chef.

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We are ⁤excited to share⁤ our experience with the ‌ KitchenAid KSM8990CU‌ 8-Quart Commercial⁤ Countertop Mixer. This powerful mixer is‍ designed to meet⁣ the needs ⁢of ⁤both home⁣ cooks and ⁣professional chefs, featuring a robust 1.3 HP motor that delivers consistent power to handle small and large batches with ease. The motor’s efficiency ensures less heat build-up, prolonging the⁣ mixer’s lifespan and providing reliable ‌performance for years to come.

The NSF Certified designation adds to the mixer’s appeal, making it suitable for commercial use. ​Its bowl-lift design provides stability during mixing, while the ​8-quart stainless steel bowl accommodates various batch sizes. With speed control protection and efficient motor control, this mixer offers precise mixing, kneading, and whipping ⁢capabilities, making it a valuable addition to any‍ kitchen or bakery.

Exceptional Features
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One of the‍ standout features of this mixer is its robust 1.3 HP motor, meticulously tested and certified by the NSF. This powerful motor is the heart‍ of our​ mixer, providing​ consistent power to handle both small and ​large batches with ⁢ease. With less heat build-up, ⁢our mixer ensures years of dependable mixing, making it an invaluable addition to any kitchen.

Feature Benefit
Bowl-lift⁢ design Provides stable mixing support, keeping the bowl steady ⁤even when handling heavy ingredients or large batches.
High efficiency DC‍ motor Runs longer with less heat build-up, allowing for extended mixing, kneading, and ⁤whipping times.
8-quart stainless steel bowl Ideal for ​accommodating small to large batches, ensuring you‍ have⁢ the capacity you need for any recipe.
NSF Certification Guarantees commercial-grade performance, making it​ suitable for professional​ kitchens as well as home use.

Moreover, the speed control protection feature adds an extra layer of safety, reducing the risk of accidentally turning on‍ the mixer while cleaning. This attention to⁣ detail not only enhances user experience but also underscores our commitment to providing a mixer that is ​both efficient and safe to ‌use. Experience the power and reliability of this⁣ exceptional mixer by In-depth Analysis and Recommendations
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After delving deep into the specifications and functionalities of ⁣this remarkable mixer, we are compelled​ to ‌offer our comprehensive analysis ​and⁣ recommendations. Firstly, the 1.3 HP motor stands out as a powerhouse, ⁤delivering consistent power to both small and large loads, while ​effectively minimizing heat build-up. This ensures ​years of reliable mixing, making it ideal for both personal and​ commercial use.

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Moreover,⁤ the bowl-lift mechanism enhances ⁤stability during mixing, providing efficient beater-to-bowl contact, particularly advantageous when dealing with heavy ingredients or large batches. The 8-quart stainless steel bowl ⁢ accommodates varying⁤ batch sizes, from⁣ small to large, catering to diverse culinary needs with ease. Additionally, the speed control protection ⁣ feature adds a layer⁣ of safety, mitigating ‍the risk of accidental activation during cleaning ⁤sessions.

Features Benefits
1.3 HP‌ Motor Consistent power ⁤delivery ⁤with minimized‍ heat build-up for reliable ‍and durable performance.
Bowl-Lift‍ Mechanism Enhanced stability⁤ and efficient mixing, suitable for heavy ingredients and large batches.
8-Quart Stainless Steel Bowl Versatile capacity to accommodate various batch ⁣sizes, ⁤ensuring flexibility in culinary endeavors.
Speed Control Protection Added safety⁤ measure to prevent accidental⁤ activation, ensuring user peace of mind during cleaning.

With ​its robust motor,⁤ sturdy construction, and versatile features, this mixer emerges as a top contender in its category. For those seeking a reliable and efficient kitchen companion, we highly recommend ⁢considering this​ product.

Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

Our customers have shared their experiences with the KitchenAid KSM8990CU 8-Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer, and⁣ here’s what they ⁤had to say:


‌ ​ Very easy ⁢to setup once out of the box. 8 quart bowl hold⁣ triple ‍and quadruple batches of dough ‌if needed. Loads of power to work through⁢ the heaviest​ of doughs and light enough for ⁤delicate‌ mixing of ingredients when⁣ needed. Using ⁢at my organic market to mix up several ⁢batches
‌ ‍ ​ of‌ scones, muffins, and ‌specialty breads ⁤without the need⁣ to ⁢stop, empty the bowl and start⁣ again. It’s ⁢a workhorse and a huge upgrade⁤ from our ‌5 quart KitchenAid mixer.

​ ⁤ This is my 3rd ​KitchenAid ‌stand mixer, and I couldn’t be happier! The motor‌ is very quiet, I really like that the attachments are stainless ⁤steel (no more hand washing my old model’s attachments!), and the‍ capacity is great for lots ​of bread making and large cakes! Very much
​ ‍ ⁢worth the money!

‌ ⁤This machine is amazing! Quiet but mighty! I know people complain about the orange ‍cord but I like ​it.

⁢ ​ We purchased this mixer when we got fed up by the Hamilton Beach that​ we’ve had for about 1 year. I was always eyeballing a KitchenAid, but when I found the Hamilton for just 60 bucks new I pulled the trigger. It was not a bad mixer, but it was never⁣ powerful‍ enough, and‌ regretted
⁢ my decision ⁢every time I was using it.⁣ Well, time came to get a meat grinder‌ attachment (the ‍stainless SmokehouseChef one) and what a better opportunity to change our mixer? So we searched and researched and stumbled upon this​ commercial KitchenAid. What a great
⁤ find!This mixer⁢ is similar‍ in size to the Professional 600 we also considered. It is almost 17” tall, so it‍ fits perfectly under the​ cabinet (and it looks⁣ fantastic too, orange cord included – tucked away in the back). And because it doesn’t tilt, I⁣ can keep it
​​ in one position and never move it (the Hamilton – a tilt head model – we needed to take out every time as we couldn’t tilt it under the cabinet).⁤ Also, the 8qt bowl is big (or at least that’s‌ my impression after switching from a 4.5qt one), but it is mostly
⁢ ⁢ ​ tall. It is so⁤ tall in fact‍ that ⁢there are issues adding ingredients – when we use this bowl we always have to lower it to add ingredients. It seems (from what I read) that the pouring shield from the Professional 600 6qt bowl fits this ⁣unit. But we⁤ never bought
⁢ ⁢ the shield – instead, ⁣to mitigate this issue we⁢ purchased the KitchenAid KSMC5QBOWL 5qt bowl for about 40 bucks) and that ⁣one is perfect for‌ our everyday mixing needs.We love the fact that all attachments are stainless steel. Very good quality too and NSF ‍rated
​ ⁤⁤ for restaurant use. They⁣ are BIG, and solid! We switched most of our small appliances and ⁣cookware to stainless, and this is one very ⁤important reason we ​chose ‌this KitchenAid unit (the Hamilton aluminum-coated attachments started to chip after just a⁢ few⁣ uses).
We have tried all attachments and ⁤all performed very well. But we needed to adjust the bowl height to get them to properly scrape the edges. There is one attachment that we considered⁢ (the KitchenAid KAFE7L)‍ but ⁢didn’t yet‌ really feel the need for it.Using
‌ it is a pleasure! This thing⁣ is a beast. Nothing can stop it! It has so much torque! And it is ‌so quiet too. It features a slow start ‍- when it gets to the speed selected⁤ all you hear is a⁣ very quiet motor ‌driving the ⁢gear drive (I cannot really explain it;
‍ it just sounds like a well-built, solid machinery). It mixes anything we through at it – pizza dough, play dough, paleo (sticky) dough, panettone dough, eggs, etc. – with‌ so much ease. It also drives that meat grinder without any strain ⁣- almost as⁤ if nothing
​ ⁤ ‌ ⁢ is there.The lift-bowl ⁤is a bit ⁢more inconvenient ​than the tilt-head model‌ (as my Hamilton was) but the torque ⁣on this puppy ⁣would have probably torn that hinge apart. To see the true difference in the motor design please refer to‌ the pictures I uploaded
⁣ – the KSM8990​ has direct drive, and the entire ‌motor unit is ‌actually‌ cheaper to replace (about ‍50 bucks) ‌than replacing all parts that could go wrong in the other 2 models.It is‍ one of​ my‌ best appliances (I try to purchase commercial quality as often as I
⁢ ⁢ can – I also have the Waring WFP14SC, the Waring MX1200XTX, the Weston 08-0801-W, among others) and I reach for it every time I have the chance.All in all, highly recommended!

I just received​ my KitchenAid 8 qt. Stand Mixer.‌ I have previously owned one 5.5 qt., and two 6 qt. KitchenAid Stand Mixers. After purchasing the 5.5 qt., I bought the first 6 qt. because I needed ‌a‌ larger capacity bowl for the dozens of ⁢cookies I make in one ‍session. Subsequently,
​ a more powerful 6 ⁤qt. was released and I bought that one because the cookie dough I make is pretty thick. I gave the 1st 6 qt. to my⁤ daughter. However, the thick cookie dough continued to make⁤ even the new ⁤mixer work really hard. ​Although, it did get ‌the job
done.⁤ When I saw that a 7 qt. 1.3 hp was being⁣ produced, I decided to upgrade again. However, right before I ordered⁣ it, I came across the commercial NSF 8 qt. 1.3 hp.. So, I ordered that one instead. I’m keeping the 6 ⁢qt. for​ smaller⁤ jobs and for when I need
​ ​ to use 2 mixers at ⁤the same time for different projects. I have ‍so far​ set the⁢ mixer up and run the ‍motor for over 20 minutes to ensure it works before I start making the large batches⁤ of cookies later this week.​ Well, it works great. The 6 qt. was louder
and it also wobbled across the counter as it mixed and I didn’t Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


1. Powerful ‍Performance The 1.3 HP motor delivers consistent power‍ to small and large ​loads, ensuring efficient mixing even with heavy ingredients.
2. Versatility With 10-speed settings, this mixer ⁢can handle⁤ a wide range of recipes, from delicate meringues to dense​ bread dough.
3. Large Capacity The 8-quart stainless steel bowl accommodates small to large batches, perfect for both home cooks and commercial ​kitchens.
4. Stability The⁢ bowl-lift design provides stability when ‍mixing heavy ingredients or large batches, ensuring efficient beater-to-bowl contact.
5. Longevity NSF Certified for commercial use, this mixer is built to last with a high-efficiency ‍DC motor and speed control protection, reducing the risk of accidental damage.


1. Size and Weight The ⁤large capacity and powerful motor make this mixer heavier ‌and bulkier⁢ than ⁣smaller models,‍ requiring ample counter or storage ⁢space.
2. Price As a commercial-grade mixer, the‌ KitchenAid KSM8990CU ⁣comes with a ​higher price ⁤tag compared to standard home mixers, which may​ not fit ‍everyone’s budget.
3. Noise Due to its powerful motor,⁣ this mixer can ⁤be louder than smaller, less powerful ⁣models, which ​may be a consideration for noise-sensitive environments.

Overall, the KitchenAid ⁤KSM8990CU 8-Quart Commercial ‌Countertop Mixer offers exceptional performance and durability,⁢ making it ⁤a worthy investment for serious home cooks and professional chefs alike. ‍ Q&A
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Q&A ‌Section:
Q: Is ⁤this mixer suitable for ‍commercial use?
A: ​Absolutely! The KitchenAid®‍ 8-Qt Mixer is NSF ⁢Certified for commercial use, making it an ideal choice for professional kitchens or anyone who needs commercial-grade performance at ⁢home.
Q: How powerful is the motor?
A: The mixer features a robust 1.3 horsepower (HP) motor, as measured by ‍a ‍dynamometer. This⁣ high-powered motor delivers consistent performance, whether you’re mixing small batches or tackling large loads,⁤ while minimizing ⁢heat build-up for long-lasting durability.
Q: Can it handle heavy ingredients and ⁣large batches?
A: Yes, indeed! The bowl-lift design ​provides​ stability during mixing, and the 8-quart stainless steel bowl accommodates small to large batches with ease. Plus, the lever smoothly raises the bowl into⁢ position ‌for efficient beater-to-bowl contact, ensuring thorough mixing every time.
Q: ⁣How efficient is the motor?
A: The mixer features a high-efficiency ⁣DC motor that runs longer with less heat ⁣build-up. This ‌means you can tackle recipes requiring longer‍ mixing, kneading,⁣ and whipping times without ⁢worrying about overheating, while still maintaining optimum torque for consistent results.
Q:‍ Is⁣ it easy to clean and maintain?
A: Absolutely! The speed control⁢ protection reduces the risk of accidentally turning on the mixer while cleaning, and the stainless steel ⁢bowl and attachments are dishwasher‌ safe for easy cleanup. Just wipe down the exterior, and you’re good to go!
Q: What sets this mixer apart from others on the market?
A: Our KitchenAid® 8-Qt Mixer combines power, efficiency, and durability‍ like no other. With its ⁤commercial-grade certification, robust motor, and thoughtful design features, it’s the perfect choice for both professional chefs and passionate home cooks alike. Experience InnovationAs⁢ we conclude our exploration of the KitchenAid® 8-Qt​ Mixer, we’re left in awe ​of its powerful performance⁣ and impeccable design. With its‌ NSF Certified® Commercial Series 8-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer featuring⁢ a ⁤1.3 HP Motor, this mixer stands as ⁤a testament to reliability and efficiency in the kitchen.
The‍ robust‌ motor, meticulously measured ​using advanced technology, ensures consistent power delivery to tackle small and large ⁢loads with ease. Its high efficiency DC motor⁢ runs longer with⁣ minimal heat build-up, promising years of dependable mixing without compromising on quality.
The bowl-lift mechanism provides⁢ stability for mixing heavy ingredients ⁤or large batches,‍ while‌ the speed control protection adds an‌ extra‌ layer of ⁣safety and convenience to your culinary endeavors.
Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a‍ passionate home cook, the KitchenAid® 8-Qt‍ Mixer is your ultimate companion for all your mixing, kneading, and whipping needs.
Experience the⁣ power and precision of the KitchenAid® 8-Qt Mixer for yourself. Elevate your culinary creations⁤ today!
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